You Impact People you don’t even know

We do it everyday – at least those that can afford to. We drive. We drive from A to B. We turn the ignition, put it in gear, press the accelerator and off we go. Home to the corner store down the block. Home to across the street to pick up dog from the kennel.

You are driving down the road. Darn pothole! Someone texts you, there`s a red light, you look down for a split second. Your wheels squeal as you drive to control the 3,000 pounds of metal to stop behind that white line. Who has the right to stop you when you’re in such a rush?

Your foot itches to lift off the break and press down the gas petal. We`re off to the raises. A horn sounds, a hand is gestured, engines are gunned.

Then you see it. Someone standing at a crosswalk to get to the other side. Cars seem to fly by.

You look at your watch. You`re going to miss the first 39 seconds of your favorite show if you don`t hurry home.

You stop your car to help an older adult who needs to cross the road (I picked this topic because it is on my bucket list).

You walk across the road. You wave at the person behind the wheel talking on their cell phone who looks as if they will run you over if you don`t pick up the older adult and run across the road. They are in a huge rush, too, to get home to catch the start of their third favourite TV show. They PVR it anyways but can’t miss watching it live.

You get back in your car. A smile appears between your dimples. The first 90 seconds are introduction and a re-cap of last episode anyways, you think. I`ll survive. And you do. You feel more alive from those 30 seconds out of your drive home than a night of TV.

Your Impact

What was the impact of such a small gesture. All you did was cross the road.

You didn`t see the police officer who drove by and thought about giving you a ticket for stopping illegally;

An engineer with the city grumbles about how you stopped the flow of traffic and have caused traffic to back up;

A philosopher sitting in the park wonders what your higher purpose in life is (to serve others, to give all human life dignity);

A medical scientists thinks about the neurological signals sent from your eye to your brain to your motor cortex in your brain to develop a motor program that enables you to stop your vehicle, get out of your vehicle, and walk to the older adult;

An older adult walking by sees a younger generation helping a friend and knows they will have left us having inspired future generations to do good, and care about another human life;

A child sees a role model take time out of our crazy days to help someone else;

An athlete sees someone getting 90 seconds of exercise;

An executive is reminded to take 30 seconds to stop and get something for their secretary of 20 years;

A paramedic driving by sees a potential accident victim saved from potential harm and need of medical services;

A shop keeper sees a prospective customer crossing the road to come into the shop and buy fresh meat (this help the shop keeper in turn feed his or her family);

The person sitting on a coffee shop patio having a bad day, watches the scene and is reminded about higher purposes in life besides I and me;

The accountant sees a client safely cross the street – the older adult used their last tax return to buy stronger glasses so they can see traffic more clearly;

A tradesperson sees the crosswalk he painted during the darkness of the night;

A reporter sees one less story about the thing he dislikes reporting most – accidents involving his fellow humans. He knows it`s not the accident or the smashed in vehicles that keep him up at night. It`s the impact on people, he doesn`t like knowing;

A young teacher is reminded to do a lesson on road safety for the youngsters;

A retired teacher is reminded of the power of doing for kids to learn and understand;

A public relations professional smiles because the media has been on the local government the past few days about a city that is not friendly to older adults; and

Your partner sitting in the passenger seat. They know they have made the correct life choice in their life partner.


Everyone has a different perspective. We each see the world a tiny bit different. Life still continues. This is why I am amazed by the world every and each day.

Enjoy what your neighbour does. Just like you, Everyone wants to do good. Be helpful. Be remembered for what they did and treated humanity.

Some just need a general reminder.


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Adam Goodwin is changing the world by growing the local #TakeTheActivePledge to a global movement. He is currently Marketing Coordinator for Okanagan Elite Athlete. Along with his start-up one3ag, he is changing the lives of individual children, teen, youth, adults, and older adults with the #TakeTheActivePledge movement. Join him today to help save a generation.




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