No-Hit Hockey

With my background in sport and studying the physical human body during my undergrad, I applaud Hockey Canada’s decision to ban hitting in pee-wee hockey.

The effects on a young hockey player’s body after a single hit are not worth the potential positive consequences (players learn to hit safely at a younger age).  There have been too many concussions, broken bones, and injured rib cages just at the time these young hockey stars are just entering puberty (the body can be at its most vulnerable).

Practices can now focus on the development of skills and the philosophies of good team play.

I hope the next move is to take tackling out of football for young teens.  Make it about learning how to catch and throw well.  Make practices solely about being a good blocker – there is little benefit for a blocker besides helping a teammate get a few extra yards.  There are no super-star blockers, but there are many super-star running backs in football.  Great running backs start with a great front line who work hard for the success of their team.

Many may disagree with me.  I am okay with this.  Let me know your thoughts by commenting below or connecting on social media.


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