Returning to my roots – one of my first employers

One of my first major employers, the Kelowna Community Food Bank, relies on many volunteers to help it operate and serve the people of Kelowna.  I worked for the food bank for a summer during my undergraduate degree in human kinetics at UBC.

This past weekend, I was lucky to be able to volunteer once again for the food bank during the Rutland May Days.

The Rutland Park Society was kind enough to make admission free on the last day of the May Days, Sunday.  As part of Family Day celebrations and festivities, attendees were encouraged to donate cash or non-perishable food in lieu of an admission fee.

I am very happy to say, many individuals did donate.  Most did not know about the opportunity to bring down food.  Those that didn’t found spare change in their pockets or wallets to donate back to the food bank.

At first I was surprised by the number of youth and children donating.  Adults tended to give us the $10 and $20 bills.  This said, many youth gave toonies and the change they had in their pockets.  Three younger boys (around 16) each had a backpack filled with food that they dropped in the donation bucket.

If I was passing these three guys on the street I would probably never think they would be donating food to support their friends who may be in a food insecure situation.  They had skateboards, backward hats, baggy shorts, colorful hightops, and walked with a too-cool-for-school attitude.  A reminder, never judge someone by their looks.

Thanks to the generosity of Kelowna citizens and visitors, over $1000 and 800 pounds of food were raised for the Kelowna Community Food Bank.  See you next year!

The world is a wonderful place.  Each day, it is getting better because of each and every single individual and fellow human being.  Get out and volunteer for one hour this month.  May never know what you will learn.


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