Onions or cakes

Are humans like onions or cakes?

We are unique. Have knowledge. Can make tools. We play.


If we are like onions, is our soul at the centre? We have a pretty tough surface. Once you peel this away, we have many different layers. Eventually you get to our core; our soul.


We have a strong foundation that other layers are placed. Between each of the layers of cake may be a thin layer of icing. Things that are sweet in life but you can’t have too much of.

You get to the top of the cake. When the candles are lit, the cake glows and shines. Once you remove the candles, you remember it is a cake.

Cakes have different flavours np but are all the same. Humans come in seven billion different flavours and layers, yet we are all one: the human race.

What I Think

I think we’re both. We’re an onion cake. We peel away layers with family and friends. Our foundation is made strong and other layers of onion-filled mix is placed on top.

We just don’t taste that good.


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Adam Goodwin is changing the world by growing the local #TakeTheActivePledge to a global movement. He is currently Marketing Coordinator for Okanagan Elite Athlete. Along with his start-up one3ag, he is changing the lives of individual children, teen, youth, adults, and older adults with the #TakeTheActivePledge movement. Join him today to help save a generation.

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