Designing a Presentation


For many individuals, presentations can be terrifying. Speaking in front of even a small group, can keep some up for weeks before the event.

Learning Styles

There are three main learning styles. Visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic. They are what they sounds like.

Visual learners enjoy diagrams, images, pictures, posters.

Auditory enjoy discussions, listening to the point of view of others, and talking so can think out their thoughts.

Kinaesthetic enjoy touching things, writing it down, and moving around.

Typical Presentations

A typical presentation by many includes a screen field with characters (letters). There are probably 100 words for every image in a typical presentation I have seen.

One, this forgets the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, a picture is actually more valuable as you can’t fit 1,000 words on a PowerPoint slide.

What People Forget

None of the three above mentioned learning styles learn best by having a 100 words on a slide. There’s no images to stimulate neural connections for visual learners. In many of these presentations, auditory learners are being talked to and don’t have a chance to speak or hear other points of view. Kinaesthetic learners are left out as they are asked to sit there and listen without any form of movement or participation.

Presentations are about the learners, not you, the speaker. Start gearing your presentations to those who will be in the audience.

You will have much more engaged and happier participants. Their success will make you feel that more accomplished and satisfied with a strong presentation.


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