Adam’s Rant

My rant for this May 2013 day.

The BC Elections

On May 14, 2013, British Columbia will have the right to vote in the BC provincial election.

So let’s see how this works. Businesses donate thousands and millions of dollars to candidates and parties. But before the candidates in the provincial election, candidates have to get nominated in their riding by the party they want to represent. So back they go doing fundraisers and dinners to get more money so they can win the right to wear NDP or Liberal or Conservative or Green on their signs and shirts during the provincial election. Also, don’t forget about the election to vote for the leader of each party. There’s some more thousands and millions individuals, families, couples, and organizations donate. They “donate” so that some can wear a logo. Strange to me.

Let’s get this right. There’s thousands and thousands, and millions spent on just electing who will represent a party once British Columbians do the electing.

Couldn’t that money go to better uses? Like health. Or children?

Health Charities and Organizations

Once we “solve” cancer, then what? We’ll do of obesity. We use to die of communicable diseases such as TB and bacteria spread from person-to-person due to poor hygiene.

The Canadian Cancer Society: donate to us, we’ll get rid of cancer and no one you love will die. I don’t know if this is actually what they say, but that’s not the point.

You could still die walking across the road. That’s what ignited MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) to start. But even if we have no drunk drivers on the road, we will still lose family members who are our best friends and friends who have become our family.


If you listen to many media outlets and experts, they speak in definite. Exercise, and you won’t die. Donate to cancer research and we’ll get rid of cancer and the world will have no death. Eat right and exercise to be happy. Happy will lead to a long life and a successful family and career.

Health is a resource, not an end goal. Exercise is meant to help you live a healthy live. If you exercise you will still die. But you will increase the quality of life and your functional years (what’s the point of living an extra 10 years if these are spent in a hospital bed).


I enjoy listening to atheists and religious people. Atheists talk about how religion is bad or religious people just try to convert non believers. Funny how atheists seems to know so much about something they have done.

Religious people talk about converting the non-religious. This isn’t right either. Speaking about religion is one thing. Trying to tell other humans they are bad for not being religious is not right.

We need to start respecting humans. We all want to be happy. This is an equal right of all human beings. Happiness.

Have strong and healthy mind, body and spirit.


Children are not remotes. You don’t turn them on, sit there and watch them, then turn them off when you get bored.

They need affection. Not cell phones, TVs, and iPads. Before affection is tattooed on their minds and bodies, they don’t need technological devices.

You made them, they are your responsibility. As JFK said, we all have a deep seed inside each of us. Someone needs to help develop this great ability that can be translated into benefit for everyone and a great strength for the world.

A parent is the first to water this seed. A teacher continues to water it.

Show your kids affection not money.

Be Happy

Be happy. Just be happy, world.

Each day, the world is becoming a better place to live.



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  1. Adam Goodwin May 27, 2013 — 11:27

    Rant away everyone! Have a rant once in a while! Share it!

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