Films I Would Recommend

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Below, are some films I would recommend individuals watch. A variety of topics, both fiction and non-fiction. Feel free to add your thoughts or suggestions in the comments or at @adam13goodwin!

The Spies Who Fooled the World, CBC

Another spectacular film from CBC. The film explores the possibility of the USA having been duped about the weapons in possession by Iraq. Other countries tried to warn the USA, but this may have been the last straw the US needed to secure another 30 years of resources and oil for its residents. A nation of people will likely need generations to forgive those that invaded their country based on lies. Film available on CBC’s website.

Machine Gun Preacher, Lionsgate
Sam Childers, a former gang member, murderer, and drug abuser, is saved by religion when is he released from prison. During a service he is inspired to travel overseas to Uganda to help build missionaries to support orphans. During a trip away from the missionary to Sudan, he is inspired to open his own orphanage, and begins killing armed groups using child soldiers (e.g., LRA). After becoming engulfed in his work, he loses the support of his followers. After speaking with one of the rescued child soldiers who hasn’t spoken for weeks, Sam finds his true passion for helping those who otherwise may have no hope. For more information, visit Machine Gun Preacher’s website.

The Imposter, A&E

In 1994, Nicholas, a young Texan boy, went missing after playing basketball with a group of friends. Several years later, a phone call from Spanish Police. Nicholas had been found in Spain. How did Nicholas Barclay get transported from Texas, USA to Europe undetected? Perhaps not all is what it seems. Did the Barclay family reveal less than they actually knew about the kidnapping of their young son/nephew? Enter Frederic Bourdin, a serial psychopath. For more information, find The Imposter online.


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