A Bridge at the end Road

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What’s at the end of Kelowna? There are four bridges.

Kelowna Mountain

On a trip over the weekend to Kelowna’s biggest hidden gem, Kelowna Mountain, I discovered the area’s four suspension bridges. These are touted as North America’s longest suspension bridges.

I was with a group of individuals. As with any group of individuals, there are a diverse range of personalities, interests, likes, strengths, and weaknesses.


One not-so-an-interest amongst the group, heights. The suspension bridges are about a hundred feet off the canyon bottoms they traverse. With swaying from side to side and an easy peak to the ground below, it is easy to see how heights would make the tummy churn.

This made me reflect on how bridges can play such a transformative part of an individual’s life.

Transformative Bridges

You show up today, with an affinity for avoiding great heights. But after four trips over the bridges, how will you feel tomorrow?

Today, you’d rather be polishing tarnished silver as you stand a hundred feet in the air. Tomorrow you again arrive to tackle the bridges. Tomorrow, perhaps the stomach churns a little less.

The power of four suspension bridges at the end of the road in Kelowna, BC. They are a bridge between today and tomorrow. A bridge between a “weakness” today, and a “strength” tomorrow.

How the objects of the world around us, the people we spend days with, can teach us life lessons.

Look forward, and build on your past successes. Remember the feeling of accomplishment.


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  1. Please visit Kelowna Mountain! A great recreational spot in Kelowna!

  2. Joanne Whiteman July 8, 2013 — 08:55

    Very good article. I will be dealing with some of these issues as well.

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