Rational arguments rarely lead to change, argues a large base of research. Arguments that reach the emotions of the other individual are much more persuasive.

The Rational #TakeTheActivePledge Argument

The rational argument for people to #TakeTheActivePledge goes a little something like this.

Physical activity helps with weight management. It prevents the brain from shrinking. It increases self-esteem. Makes you feel like you have a lot more energy.

These in and of itself won’t win over non-enthusiasts. So, an attempt at an emotional argument.

The Emotional #TakeTheActivePledge Argument

#TakeTheActivePledge has a simple goal: do 30 or more minutes of physical activity every day.

The below picture is a view of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake. This is a view only accessible by a 25 minute hike up a moderate trail.

One look in person at this view and you will feel: happy, majestic, special, breath taken, accomplished, fun, on top of the world, and pleasure.

25 minutes to fell all of that. I’ve yet to find another activity 25 minutes long that has the many positive emotions.


If you want a "guide," for free, let me know. Happy to help you take the first 30 minutes of #TakeTheActivePledge.

Register for #TakeTheActivePledge by visiting Okanagan Athlete. Take the first very small step to letting us help you.


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Adam Goodwin is changing the world by growing the local #TakeTheActivePledge to a global movement. He is currently Marketing Coordinator for Okanagan Elite Athlete. Along with his start-up one3ag, he is changing the lives of individual children, teen, youth, adults, and older adults with the #TakeTheActivePledge movement. Join him today to help save a generation.

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