Why You’re Going to be Successful

There are many articles about what it takes to be successful. What characteristics you need to be da boss. What educational degree required to be a success. The skills (charisma, a talker). Experiences (have climbed Mount Everest at 19).  And the accomplishments (wow, a patent under your name at 21).

Not many are about how you will be successful because you are you.

The other day on my Twitter I posted a tweet: “Where are all the good people? You!”

What did I mean by that?

Simple. All the good people are here today. They are you.

They are the person sitting beside you in the library.  Yep, that first year who can speak 2 languages – English and Texting.  He’s had a successful life already.  First one in his distant family to go to College.

Always strive to keep reaching milestones and accomplishments.  Up until this very moment we are all success stories.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t just sit on the couch and watch movies for the rest of our lives.

Levels in life

Success is also a process.  You’re successful when you’re born – that’s passing Level 1.

Level 2 – first strand of hair.

Level 3 – first teeth

Level x – one of the last levels of success in one’s life.  They are very old (even by Japanese standards) and in bed.  Family from around the world have flown to be with them.  As they close your eyes for a restful, long sleep, their great-grand-child does his first crawl across their chest.


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