#TakeTheActivePledge Early-May 2013 Update


To gather some background about #TakeTheActivePledge, please visit a previous blog post of mine.

What is next

We are moving into the second phase of the #TakeTheActivePledge movement! We are expanding beyond Okanagan Elite Athlete to really bring it into the folds of the larger community.

We are expanding the operation to include fellow individuals and groups of people from the community.

Volunteer #1

Do you enjoy thinking? Working on causes and campaigns? We need some politically-savvy individuals to help enact new regulations and policies at all levels of government!

Volunteer #2

Do you want to raise the level of cooperation in the community amongst campaigns and organizations so we can change even a larger part of the world with #TakeTheActivePledge?

Volunteer #3

Want to see all the effort you are putting in help improve another person’s life? Like working one on one with others?

Volunteer #4

Do you enjoy working in your immediate surroundings? Help lead activities in your neighbourhood to engage your peers!

Volunteer #5

Are you someone who will do anything to help out?

Why kick start the #TakeTheActivePledge movement

Re-connect with the larger community. Enact local change to change the world. You are helping individual people make improvements in their lives.

Join us today. Help us grow #TakeTheActivePledge into a global movement. We need it. Our generation needs it.


We welcome your and want your feedback. Feel free to comment or connect with the content via our social media channels.
Adam Goodwin is changing the world by growing the local #TakeTheActivePledge to a global movement. He is currently Marketing Coordinator for Okanagan Elite Athlete. Along with his start-up one3ag, he is changing the lives of individual children, teen, youth, adults, and older adults with #TakeTheActivePledge movement. Join him today to help save a generation.


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