No such thing as civil war

Civil war

Civil wars have engulfed the children of the world for generations and centuries. My trip in December 2012 to parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East were impacted by this unrest (examples from previous blog posts).

I normally try to write about my thoughts on various topics and ideas. Instead, I will leave with some questions for one to ponder and discuss, if you choose, with friends, family, and strangers.


I grind my teeth every time I hear the term/phrase, “Civil War.” The biggest reason, civil war usually involves children (even if government says it does not, I have seen it first hand).

The second reason, why the phrase “Civil War.” How can wars be civil? There are campaigns/”wars” to end HIV, hate, etc that are civil. But there are not many wars of arms that are civil. Why do we call them civil wars (besides involving humans)?

What we need

The children of the land need all of us to have compassion and care. We are ethical leaders. Now, we have the opportunity to show compassion and care to those who live in countries where many cannot even think of times without war.

What you can do

If you are looking to help free children from war, I had the privilege of volunteering for Free the Children’s We Day Vancouver 2012.


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