#TakeTheActivePledge by Okanagan Elite Athlete & one3ag

Okanagan Elite Athlete

Okanagan Elite Athlete recently launched. A service founded on providing our clients, customers, and supporters with an education.

As members and citizens of the world who care deeply about other humans beings and our communities, Okanagan Elite Athlete brainstormed various ideas to help give back to our community.


One of Okanagan Elite Athlete‘s partners, one3ag, believes in sustainable business and relationships. With this in mind, one3ag and Okanagan Elite Athlete developed the #TakeTheActivePledge campaign.


#TakeTheActivePledge is geared towards the alarming increasing rates of physical inactivity (not being active). Children are using computers at an earlier age resulting in more screen time and less play. More workers are moving into office environments, as more and more factories are built with robots doing most of the work and labour. This increases the time they sit at desks instead of lifting and building the necessities required for Western Culture to thrive.

#TakeTheActivePledge is simple. Increase your physical activity by 30+ more minutes per and every day. That is it.


Physical activity is numerous benefits that are endless (I will do a post one day about this topic). From physical health and fitness, mental health benefits, self-esteem increases, to an overall increase in quality-of-life, physical activity today will help you in the long-term future. (This being said, physical activity is not the be-all. It is part of an overall, healthy, and successful life.)

Your Call to Action

To #TakeTheActivePledge, visit Okanagan Elite Athlete on the web, today! We are looking for 100 people in the Okanagan to help us reach our goal. Share it! Tell your friends and family!


We welcome your and want your feedback. Feel free to comment or connect with the content via our social media channels.
Adam is President and Co-Founder of the social enterprise, one3ag. He is currently helping develop Okanagan Elite Athlete. You can connect with Adam by: Twitter; Email (goodwin.adam@hotmail.com); Facebook; LinkedIn; Web; In-person. You can connect with one3ag by: Twitter; Email (onethreeag@gmail.com); Blog; and Facebook. You can connect with Okanagan Elite Athlete by: Twitter; Email (okanaganathlete@gmail.com); and Facebook.



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  1. I pledge to be ACTIVE for 30+ minutes EVERYDAY, starting today, your Birthday !!!

  2. Micheal Drayson April 28, 2013 — 23:30

    I have made my pledge today!

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