Table of Blog Entries

A table of blog entries on Adam13Goodwin, in alphabetical order.  If you find a broken link, please comment or Tweet @adam13goodwin

  1. Books I Would Recommend – Part 1 – some of my favourite books I am currently or previously read;
  2. Books I Would Recommend – Part 2 – some of my favourite books I am currently or previously read;
  3. Egypt Referendum Vote – a minute-by-minute overview of what I observed during the Egyptian referendum;
  4. Kelowna Daily Courier article about my Travels 2012 – an article about my observations in Egypt during the referendum;
  5. Kelowna to Europe/Asia Divide – traveling from Kelowna, BC to Istanbul, Turkey;
  6. Family and Friends – Completing a thought – a retrospect of the Boston Marathon explosions;
  7. Films I Would Recommend – some of my favourite films;
  8. Know you’re traveling when… – funny tales from readers and contributors;
  9. Introvert Bucket List – a bucket list of things for introverts to try;
  10. Istanbul – a poem inspired by Istanbul, Turkey, one of the most beautiful places in the world;
  11. Okanagan Elite Athlete – Email Newsletter – register for the Okanagan Elite Athlete email newsletter;
  12. one3ag Weekly Email – register for the one3ag regular email;
  13. Overall Travels 2012 Summary – a small summary of my 2012 travels to Africa, Asia, and Europe;
  14. No Such Thing as Civil War – why do we use the phrase civil war;
  15. Personal Bucket List – some things I am trying to accomplish over my lifetime;
  16. Random Acts of Kindness – a few simple acts of kindness to hopefully help spread happiness and peace;
  17. Should Not Be (#shouldnotbe) – a list of things people have observed in the world they think should not continue to be;
  18. Sister’s Wedding Vows – as the wedding officiant, the vows I will give during the ceremony;
  19. Starting your blog – Let’s hear your voice – this isn’t about how to start a blog, but why everyone should blog;
  20. Take the active pledge #TakeTheActivePledge – a new initiative to increase physical activity presented by Okanagan Elite Athlete
  21. The Canyon Hike – a poem about observations on a 11km hike;
  22. The people of Turkey – they are very people-focused;
  23. The realization you are now in Africa – first-hand sights that finally cause culture shock;
  24. This weekend is my birthday – what I want for my birthday;
  25. Three Day Countdown – a short countdown to the start of my December 2012 trip to Africa, Asia, and Europe;
  26. Twelve Day Countdown to Trip – the itinerary for my trip to Africa, Asia and Europe in December 2012;
  27. What I want for my Birthday – I will still not be 1/4 of a century, but this is what I would like to celebrate;
  28. What is at the end of the Silk Road – cats!
  29. Why a blog – a short background on why I started to blog;
  30. Why the trip – an overview as to what motivated me to do my December 2012 travels to Africa, Asia, and Europe;


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