What I want for my Birthday

In April, I will celebrate the anniversary of my birth. As I have been asked recently, I will not even be a 1/4 of a century, yet.
With the birthday approaching, the question, “what do you want,” will start coming up. For those close to me, they know my usual answer is “whatever,” “doesn’t matter,” etc. For the first time in my 20+ years, I am actually making a birthday wish list.
Birthday Wish List

  • 1) Peace for all – #peace4all;
  • 2) Happiness for those close to me and for my enemies – #behappy;
  • 3) $100 so I can be the first investor in my brother’s company – @okanaganathlete;
  • 4) Tea;
  • 5) $100 so I can donate money to my cousin’s daughter’s life-changing surgery in the summer – #family, @TheGoodwinLife;

Why the list
In today’s digital-focused world, I thought this is the best location – multiple people can refer to the list. If they need to go back, they can refer to the list multiple times.
Having never said what I wanted for my birthday – just ask my parents – in the past, I thought this would be a good avenue for actually sitting down and thinking what someone could get me.


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  1. #3 and #4 will be taken care of !!! Plus remember to add a #5 which is $100.00 to your cousin’s daughter, Zoe for her ‘life changing’ surgery she has coming up this summer !!! #2 you take care of that for me, by making this Wish List (warms my heart) and #1 is also on my Wish List, so maybe between the two of us we can make it happen !!! Happy ALMOST your Birthday AG13 !!!

  2. I forgot about #5!!!!

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