Starting your blog – Let’s hear your voice

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How to blog

There are many, countless, blog posts about how to blog. The best blog service (I use WordPress, and enjoy the experience). SEO (search engine optimization) so you can have millions of readers by appearing first in search engine (e.g., Google) search results. The list continues, and continues.

This post isn’t necessarily about how to blog. Starting your blog – Let’s hear your voice, is really about why everyone can blog.

History 101

In the lead up to my December 2012 travels, I started this blog. I started writing as I’m an introvert; writing would be more simple than having to speak to other human beings.

Like any human, I have many random thoughts and ideas that pop into my head at 3:00 a.m. I quickly lose these so wanted to start writing these down.

With Microsoft trying to engage 300 million children in poverty stricken countries into using their products over the next few years (I think by 2016), the noise and distractions across the globe will increase exponentially.

Starting to blog allows people to stop, think, and reflect. It’s a way to cut out the noise and distractions. Many of these are from our busy worlds that engulf us day-to-day.

There’s a writer in all of us

Based on conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, many people have a story they can tell through a blog. Everyone, has something to teach others. Inspire others. (Just like I wrote in a blog post in early-April 2013.)

I think we can all pick up our brains from the floor and use these to write some great blog content about various topics.

We’re all passionate about something. Even those children and youth that teachers and professors think won’t graduate, have some type of passion. Blogging will help others be inspired and potentially discover a new passion for themselves or for a friend/family member.

Every other person in this world, has something to teach you. You have something to teach everyone else.

That’s it. This is why we think everyone should have a blog!


If starting a blog, be patient. It will take some time to learn over time how you want to write and bog.

How to blog

This post will end the same way it started. Find a blog service. For your first post, pick a topic that makes you feel motivated, and start to write. Let this lead to other posts and ideas. It’s that simple. Don’t worry about SEO.

Keep it simple.


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