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I had started a draft of this post on Sunday, April 14. The only words I had written: Much is to be said about the words, family and friends.

That was it. One sentence about the importance of friends and family. What I had planned to write about was the role of family and friends, and how family members are friends, and how over time, friends become (like) family.  I’m not sure why I selected this topic.  Sometimes, topics come to me; other times, I find topics.  There just may be no explanation.

Boston Marathon Explosions

Now, today is Monday, April 15, 2013. Around noon (12:00pm), there were two explosions at the Boston Marathon (graphic video content), injuring many people, and killing 3 (as of April 18).

There’s a few observations that amaze me about the aftermath of the Boston Marathon 2013.

Strangers Unite

Two female marathoners were unable to return to their hotel rooms.  A middle-aged gentleman was going around the downtown core giving people orange juice to drink.

Many people of Boston offered their homes/apartments/condos to those affected.  Strangers they had never met stayed in someone’s bedroom/living room/floor.

People had never met these present-day heros.  Unselfishness brought a city together.  Strength in numbers.  And in kindness.

Strangers.  One event away from being friends for life.


For some reason, yet to be fully understood, an individual, or individuals, decided to use the Boston Marathon as an opportunity to inflict hurt and damage on our own species.

Complete the bond with your family and friends

You, your family, and friends, need to stop pointing fingers and talking about the bad guys. We need to use these words to teach peace to our enemies.

If you agree, please tweet #peace4all

I have started to compile a list of enemies. Visit it on my blog. Please add your thoughts and ideas. #peace4all


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