Supervising 20,000 Youth – Canadian Conference on Student Leadership

Recently, I presented at the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership – hosted by UBC in Kelowna, BC from March 7-9, 2013.

To get a bit of a rundown of the presentation, see these notes on my presentation called “Supervising 20,000 Youth.”

  • We Day Vancouver 2012: Magic Johnson, Desmond Tutu, Spencer West
  • Told two days before told I would be a team lead;
  • How do you prep for helping lead 700 people on two days notice for an event in a five storey building
  • Simplify and back to basics
  • Fail to plan, at least plan to fail
  • How do you find out what motivates your followers with two days notice and when you only have a three hour training session with them
  • Training – the only time you have to say to the group what you want to get across
  • Take care of your followers
  • Culture that is open to questions
  • Recognize
  • 3 lessons:
  • Power
  • Perfection
  • If you are a leader it is about your followers – as Marc Kielburger reinforced


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