Canadian Conference on Student Leadership

UBC is hosting the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership in Kelowna, BC from March 7-9, 2013. I’ll be making two presentations to some of Canada’s best young leaders.

An overview of the two presentations I will be giving at the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership.

The Silent Leaders

Co-presenting with a UBC colleague.

If introverts are suppose to be charismatic, loud and outgoing, and always funny and witty, how can introverts be leaders? To look further at how both introverts and extroverts are leaders, visit my blog post: The Silent Leaders.

Leading 20,000 Youth

Presenting solo.

A look at my experience as a team lead during We Day Vancouver – an inspiring day that includes keynote speakers such as Desmond Tutu, Magic Johnson, and the Premier of BC. How do you provide leadership to 700 seating volunteers, responsible for seating 20,000 youth, educators, and visitors, with only a few days to prepare? To explore We Day and leadership a little further, visit my blog post: Supervising 20,000 Youth.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions to improve my presentations, please do not hesitate to comment and provide feedback.

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