I want a beard!

Adam Goodwin wants a full, dark, large beard.

Thinking of my December travels the other day. Reminded me of the mini-beard I would grow while in each of the cities.

Some random facts about beards I discovered over my years.

  • 87% of males will grow some type of beard
  • The average beard is 08cm long
  • 6.2km – average length of beard that is shaved daily
  • 17 is the number of colours beards can grow in
  • Guinness Book of World Records has 1 current beard-related record
  • Bearded men cannot use chop sticks, well
  • The minimum length of a legit beard is 17cm
  • A great beard is achievable by 91% of males

If you haven’t noticed yet, I made up most, if not all, of these facts. But I do want a beard!

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