Organizing my community

Adam recently co-founded a social enterprise – one3ag

The one3ag Way.

This is the name of the document each one3ag partner receives during our partnership. In The one3ag Way, lies the things a one3ag partner agrees to in order to partner with one3ag.

The words are simple. They are meant to be effective. Like the business-side of all of one3ag’s partnerships, the words are confidential.

With the recent media reports of struggling charities, family-run businesses, and socially conscious businesses, one3ag opened in order to help potential and current partners think and plan long-term to ensure a strong and sustainable community. This was made even more apparent when Kelowna Ballet closed its doors last week. I do not want to suggest in any way this was due to poor management or leadership. I agree with many of the media pieces on the topic – Kelowna’s arts culture has much area to enhance itself.

This is where one3ag can help immensely. The next generation of clients and supporters may be the hardest ever to connect and engage. However, once a connection is developed, one should expect loyalty.

Getting from a diminishing support base to a strong foundation of future supporters is no A -> B walk down the sidewalk. one3ag tries to engage its partners into investing a small amount today to pay huge dividends in the future.

The one3ag Way. Just one way, to ensure a strong and thriving community.

Adam is President and Co-Founder of one3ag. You can connect with Adam by: Twitter (@adam13goodwin); Email (; Web (; In-person. You can connect with one3ag by: Twitter(@one3ag); Email(; Phone(250.870.3067); and Facebook (

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