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During my December 2012 trip to Asia, Africa, and Europe, one of my accommodations had a sign we could put on the door that said “On an adventure – feel free to make up room” (or something close to this).

The word adventure is a funny word. As a young child, I remember reading about other people’s grand adventures. The cross country ski trip to the North Pole (geographical, not magnetic). My sister traveling and living in Paris, France for a year while working and studying. The older brother driving across three-quarters of the country as he adventured to a new chapter in Montreal, Quebec.

I believe, no adventure – minute or grand (in who’s eyes) – is too small. As I once said (Convocation speech), sometimes we need to use reflection to fully understand what we just accomplished.

Normally, during an adventure, we do not see such things as adventures. Adventures come to light to the adventurer once the result is know; process is over.

As a previous boss told me, when you’re older you will call today and tomorrow, ‘the good ole days.’ Therefore yesterday, today, and tomorrow must be a good day.

That is what I will end with. You have been on an adventure (like my brother and sister), you don’t realize you are currently on some type of an adventure, and take a moment each day to realize that today is the “good ole days,”

#peace4all as all travel on their own adventure
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  1. LOVE how you think AG13 !!

  2. We’ve all been on adventures! Takes a quick reflection to remember the fun and laughs!

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