Overall Travels 2012 Summary

An overall summary of my December 2012 travels to Europe, Asia, and Africa

Areas visited: Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East

Countries: The Netherlands, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, State of Vatican City, Canada

Cities: Amsterdam (ND), Istanbul (TK), Cairo (EG), Alexandria (EG), Amman (JD), Rome (IT), Vatican City (VC), Calgary (CD), Vancouver (CD)

Kilometres traveled: 25 715km

Kilometres walked: 311km

Pictures: 1154

Highlights: Visiting the State of Vatican City and the Holy See, seeing the pyramids of Giza, Nile River, holiday/vacation (no phone and little email access!), the food, the people

Lowlights: safety of drinking water, seeing discrimination against women, only getting to see Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt

Recommendations to anyone looking to do something similar: stay longer in Italy. If you have any questions about any of the areas, cities, countries, etc I visited, don’t hesitate to contact me via Twitter, email, blog, Facebook, in-person.

What I learned: everything I saw and experienced, I will be the only one ever in the world to experience. We are very much influenced by those around us. However, regardless of socioeconomics, family, education, there can only be one of you who has had all the tiny experiences leading up to today.

Adam is currently traveling Asia, Africa and Europe. Follow him on Twitter (adam13goodwin) – #travels2012. You can connect with Adam by: Twitter (@adam13goodwin); Email (adam.k.goodwin@ubc.ca); Web (www.adamkgoodwin.com); In-person


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