Egypt – Visit Summary

A short summary of my time in Cairo:

  • Days: 4
  • Distance walked: 17km
  • Favorite food: GAD – a restaurant with great variety of food
  • Pictures: 128
  • Major tourist sites visited: Africa, Pyramids, Tahrir Square, Sphinx, Nile River, Old Cairo, Egyptian Museum, Hanging Church, slums, Metro Movie Theatre
  • Stayed: Downtown Cairo
  • One of favourite parts: the Giza pyramids and Spinx
  • Came from: Istanbul, Turkey via Amman, Jordan
  • Next stop: Amman, Jordan
  • A short summary of my time in Alexandria:

  • Days: 1
  • Distance walked: 4km
  • Favorite food: seafood straight from the Mediterranean Sea
  • Pictures: 30
  • Major tourist sites visited: Mediterranean Sea, Citadel, Library, Roman Theatre, Catacombs, Amud El-Sawari
  • One of favourite parts: Mediterranean Sea
  • Came from: Cairo, Egypt
  • Next stop: Cairo, Egypt
  • Adam is currently traveling Asia, Africa and Europe. Follow him on Twitter (adam13goodwin) – #travels2012. You can connect with Adam by: Twitter (@adam13goodwin); Email (; Web (; In-person


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    1. I’m excited that you got to see the NILE RIVER………you said many years ago that your were going to !!!

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