Kelowna to the Europe/Asia Divide

27 hours from when I left my apartment to when I walked into my hotel room in Istanbul, Turkey. Over 31 hours without sleep (my body decided it didn’t want to sleep during my flights). And some lost baggage.

Flight to Calgary from Kelowna was pretty uneventful. My flight from Calgary to Amsterdam was delayed by over 2 hours meaning the original three hour layover turned into less than an hour. The even more fun part: by the time we landed in Amsterdam, I had about 40 minutes to check into my next flight and move 3 terminals over. If you have ever been to Amsterdam Airport Schipol you know it’s massive and… Very interesting… Each gate has security clearance. Yes, you get checked going into the departure area and once again at your gate. Luckily there were a few people in the same boat so I wasn’t the one holding up our flight.

A note on patience – most people who got off my flight in AMS immediately when to the check in counter in our terminal. This meant about 170 of the 250 people on this flight at one counter. I skipped it and found a random one in the middle of the airport that had three people. Sometimes by skipping what’s right in front of you, you get something even better.

My AMS to Istanbul flight was very interesting. The plane literally had no empty seats so was packed. I was between a man from Africa and a lady from Florida. We had the last row (right in front of the washrooms) For the three hour flight. Not the best, but 2 very nice individuals so wasn’t too unhappy about having the washroom constantly in use.

The lady from Orlando, Florida was a 53 year old professional who travels the world. She was on her way to Ankara, Turkey – Turkey’s capital city. Wherever I have been, she’s either lived or visited. She was a very tiny lady. Barely five feet and probably 100 pounds. Did she ever have some stories to tell.

At the Istanbul Airport, when KLM didn’t put the luggage on for half the passengers (no joke), she was the one who helped half the passengers find the luggage office. I had some soap so had to was my clothes in the sink overnight and let air dry. Plus when to a little market and bought some toothpaste and a toothbrush. My stuff is suppose to be delivered to my hotel today, but who knows with that many people missing their bags.

A very nice lady. She never did tell me her job, but as a human she definitely held the job of global citizen.

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